The most advanced cybersecurity for mobile payments

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Eliminate Fraud Increase Revenue

Pioneering MNOs, merchants and payment gateways all over the world use Evina to fend off fraud and conquer new markets.

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16M+ transactions vetted each day

Leading players across the globe trust Evina to protect them and help them grow.

Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom

French phone operator

“Our collaboration with Evina has saved the VAS market at Bouygues Telecom.”
Franck Semanne, Head of DCB

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Global digital merchant

“Evina’s anti-fraud protection allowed us to optimize our digital investments, improving our overall business KPIs. Evina is a valuable partner for Telecoming.”
Roberto Monge, COO

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Digital Virgo

Digital Virgo

Global payment aggregator

“Thanks to our partnership with Evina, we have been able to dramatically multiply our traffic sources while keeping fraudsters at bay.”
Luis Vicedo, CTO

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Belgian phone operator

“We decided to ask merchants who wanted to benefit from click flow to adopt Evina’s anti-fraud solution.”
Bert Maetens, Carrier Biling Account Executive

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French phone operator

A seamlessly protected customer journey thanks to Evina.



French digital merchant

“By protecting ourselves from fraud thanks to Evina, we reinforce the trust of all the actors in the chain and we contribute to the sustainability of the market.”
Nicolas D’hueppe, CEO



Global payment aggregator

“It is a pride to collaborate with Evina, as their platform has brought a never-before-seen security to the mobile players and industry overall.”
Maria Cordeiro, Business Unit Director

Sam Media

Sam Media

Global digital merchant

“We trusted Evina from the start as one or our main anti-fraud partners. They are not just a tool. They are real partners that work closely with our data science team in the fight against fraud, and with success.”
Alexis Bartelds, CEO



Polish phone operator

Fraud-proofed the Polish carrier billing market.

Forest Interactive

Forest Interactive

Global digital merchant

“Evina’s anti-fraud solutions were able to detect fraudulent traffic that helps us optimize our sources and customer acquisition. We’re able to efficiently determine the best strategy to grow our business and strengthen our relationships with our partners.”
Carene Chia, Head of Marketing and Business Development

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A suite of products to increase revenues by dealing with fraud the right way


Enjoy the full potential of carrier billing

DCBprotect blocks fraud on carrier billing, maximizes the number of legitimate transactions, and increases revenue by channeling the power of carrier billing.

fraudulent transactions detected
transactions volume increase
complaint rate decrease


See what happens on a payment page

Eyewitness records data-enriched videos of what users see and do on the payment page. By recording user’s consent, identifying fraud and accidental clicks, certifying data and verifying compliance, Eyewitness helps maintain good relationships with partners and clients.

Average time to manage a complaint without Eyewitness (requires a minimum of 2 days).
Average time to manage a complaint with Eyewitness.

The most advanced cybersecurity technology

It is impossible to secure payments without cutting edge expertise. Evina has dedicated more than 15 years to develop the most advanced cybersecurity technology.

Most comprehensive data capture with ultrahigh definition 3D footprint of fraudulent behavior.

Fastest through edge computing, allowing data treatment & storage closest to the end user.

Most secured data protection through polymorphic encryption.

Global mobile honeypot network in more than 70 countries to attract fraudsters and reverse-engineer their patterns.

Machine learning fed from millions of transactions analyzed everyday.

Cyber Threat Intelligence involving in-depth analysis of threats from all sources, including the hidden ones of the dark web.

A trustworthy ally
to conquer the world

An independent

Evina prides itself on being a player solely focused on protecting its clients.
Too often cybersecurity companies have links to certain actors of the ecosystem they intend to protect, which creates conflicts of interest and prevents the establishment of healthy relationships based on trust.

a business

Evina is a business expert in payment and advertising, that knows that protection must be achieved hand-in-hand with increasing revenue.
Cybersecurity companies are often outside the ecosystem they intend to protect and therefore have a poor understanding of the issues at stake. It usually results in a reduction of turnover for their clients.

A bespoke

Evina takes cybersecurity seriously. Its support is top-tier, perfectly tailored to the needs of its clients. Moreover, all of Evina’s dashboard tools are fully customizable to fit client requests.

Take a step outside of closed Ecosystems

In order to escape fraudsters, many companies have taken refuge in protected but extremely expensive and limited closed environments.
By aligning business performance and state-of-the-art protection, Evina initiated a new era of cybersecurity: from a defensive to an offensive expenditure, that allows its partners to venture outside those closed ecosystems, where opportunities lie.

Towards a new world of business opportunities

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