The 3 secrets about carrier billing that will unlock the key to growth for mobile operators

At the Global Carrier Billing Summit 2021, the leading carrier billing event, David Lotfi, founder and CEO of Evina spoke to mobile carriers, payment aggregators, digital merchants, and regulators to reveal three secrets about carrier billing that will change the game plan.

This year’s Global Carrier Billing Summit took place in a unique setting: after more than a year with no events or face to face meetings, the GCBS 2021 was glad to finally host a two-day live event in London and welcome all industry players, preceded by a two-day virtual event for those who could not attend. The outcome was thrilling, with few but key players present, ready to exchange essential data on the happenings in our sector.

David took the opportunity to speak both in person and virtually at the event to reveal three secrets about carrier billing, cybersecurity and the future of the entire payment industry that will allow mobile operators to own their future in this industry. 

In “The 3 secrets about carrier billing, cybersecurity and the future of the entire payment industry” Mr. Lotfi discloses that:

  • Mobile operators are unlike other mobile payment players, they have an immense list of resources that GAFA would do anything to possess. They have the upper hand and once they know that, they can go after the $12 trillion mobile payment market.
  • The huge mobile payment market represents a veritable treasure chest, and treasure always attracts pirates. Hence the need for a thorough anti-fraud solution to lock and protect the treasure chest that is the payment market. 
  • By mastering the art of payment security and unlocking the entire range of mobile payment methods such as mobile money, mobile operators can transform themselves into financial giants. 

Watch now to unlock the three industry secrets. 

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