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BrandProtect protects the brand image of MNOs, merchants and payment aggregators and decreases complaints by monitoring direct carrier billing flows from the ad banner to the payment page to catch all compliance breaches.


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Fight manipulation, strengthen your brand image


Evina detects all breaches and compliance issues according to local law and the operator’s rules.


Our team controls the ads using a synergistic human-machine approach to achieve the highest quantity and quality of results and monitor the web and apps 24/7.

“It is impossible to fight fraud without relying on technological innovation. It’s not just about protecting the brand, it’s also about protecting the business. This is what Evina’s expertise brought to our marketing strategy. You have to protect the ads themselves to guarantee that digital advertising results in real engagements.”

BrandProtect analyzes all kinds of manipulation patterns

Unauthorized automatic payment that is billed to the user.
Unclear information
The banner or page does not include basic information such as the service name and/or logo and a service description.
Misleading flow / banner
The information provided within the flow or on the banner gives a wrong idea or impression to the consumer.
Content locking
The user is tricked into believing they will get something for free if they subscribe to a DCB service.
Brand passing off
Impersonation of a well-known brand.
Technical issue
Technical issue with the service (e.g. payment page not loading).
Subscription requirement
Non-compliance with commercial terms (billing, information messages, products, etc.)

The most advanced ad monitoring solution

Developed by a market-leading team of engineers and industry experts with 10 years of experience in compliance, our solution is a combination of fraud detection technology and in-depth investigation by our fraud analysts.

Real user accounts to check all potential fraud channels: web, social networks, applications, notifications, and direct marketing campaigns.

Continuously improved automatic crawler using AI to scan the web 24/7.

Real-time regulatory updates in the countries where you operate.

Customized service including compliance audits and testing to evaluate new pathways or suspect cases upon request.

Advanced market analytics to benchmark against industry leaders and identify best practices in the conversion journey.

Available in 15 countries.

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