New market opportunities enabled with Evina-cleaned-traffic and mobile entertainment content provider Creative Clicks

Creative Clicks, a leading provider of high-quality mobile entertainment content to mobile operators worldwide, has implemented Evina’s anti-fraud solutions to deliver secure payment solutions to their subscribers and create a more trusting market that enables new business opportunities.

Since Creative Clicks was introduced to the VAS market more than 10 years ago, the company has always aimed to provide secure payments for their subscribers by using non-affiliated traffic. To back this commitment, Creative Clicks was one of the very first content providers who set up their own in-house media buying team. However, it is well known that in order to secure a market, the efforts of one player can only have a real impact if they are supported by other players who make the same choice. 

In fact, Creative Clicks’ in-house actions were not enough to restore the trust with mobile operators that had been damaged by other content providers who operated on affiliate traffic.

In addition to this, as an international player present in more than 35 countries, Creative Clicks had to deal with the patchwork of different restrictions in those countries and needed a global solution that could act as a free pass to effortlessly do business. 

Creative Clicks implemented Evina DCBprotect to launch in several countries in Europe and the MENA region, and to transparently demonstrate the cleanness of their traffic, protect their business from fraud threats, and restore market and day-to-day business trust.   

Jasper Beelen, Operations Manager Mobile at Creative Clicks

“We’ve implemented a multi-layered anti-fraud solution to thoroughly secure our subscribers, and fulfill our ultimate ‘zero tolerance to fraud’ policy. Evina’s anti-fraud solutions are not only the core layer of our protection, but they are also a tool to demonstrate how clean our traffic is to partners, especially thanks to Evina Eyewitness which records transactions as evidence, and helps keep a trustful climate with major MNOs worldwide.”

David Lotfi, Founder & CEO at Evina

“We’ve seen firsthand how Creative Clicks has reinforced trust and solidified their reputation on the market. In a world where fraud is pervasive, forward-thinking companies can distinguish themselves by investing in their protection. We want our partners to discover their full potential when fraud is no longer their primary concern because we are there to take care of it, and they have a quick and easy way to show that their traffic is clean. Creative Clicks can now focus on expanding their business, investing in adding new services to their extensive portfolio and gaining more and more satisfied subscribers.”

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