K&C to protect the MENA region and expand with Evina cybersecurity technology

K&C, major carrier billing, monetization and advertising provider, and leading cybersecurity firm Evina are now protecting direct carrier billing (DCB) transactions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and expanding in Eastern Europe to secure merchants worldwide with the most advanced cybersecurity technology.

K&C and Evina announced their strategic partnership in September 2022, with the implementation of two Evina cybersecurity technologies: DCBprotect and BrandProtect.

DCBprotect secures K&C’s payment pages, in-app and on mobile web, by detecting and blocking fraud attempts on DCB transactions. DCBprotect’s cutting-edge technology enables K&C to create stronger trust between other merchants, mobile operators, and users, decrease customer complaints and maximize revenue on carrier billing.  

BrandProtect enables even more complete protection that targets fraudulent ads on carrier billing. This solution helps K&C protect the brand image of its merchants and its own, by detecting all compliance breaches from the ad banner to the payment page.

These solutions are crucial to sustaining the expansion of K&C’s carrier billing business.

Khalil Khalil, CEO at K&C

“Following our growth in the past two years, and our expansion which now covers 10 countries, around 30 carriers, and million transactions monthly, and as regional expansion is one of the main priorities for the near future, having a strategic partner like Evina is a necessity. Evina is clearly the leader in cybersecurity for mobile payment methods, and we know that by working with them we will benefit from the highest cybersecurity technologies to ensure the protection of our merchants.”

David Lotfi, CEO and founder of Evina.

“There is so much value to be extracted from a fully secure carrier billing solution. Forward-thinking players like K&C have grasped this concept by beginning to implement the full suite of cybersecurity solutions, each with its own specific benefit for growing the carrier billing business.” 

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