Ebtekar takes decisive step to protect the Libyan DCB market with Evina’s AI-driven carrier billing cybersecurity protection

Ebtekar Information Systems, a leading VAS & DCB provider and master aggregator in Libya for Libyana Mobile Phone & Almadar Aljadid, and Evina, a cybersecurity company specializing in mobile payment protection, have entered into a strategic partnership. This partnership, the first of its kind in Libya, serves to protect all mobile users in Libya (+9 million active subscribers) who can pay by direct carrier billing thanks to Ebtekar.

Ebtekar’s aim is to put a definitive end to fraud attempts against Libyan mobile users on its Connex platform. This critical goal will be achieved through Evina’s groundbreaking anti-fraud solutions, which are able to detect and block fraudulent transactions carried out through hacking and user manipulation with the highest efficiency in the market thanks to AI.

“Our partnership with Evina is crucial to our ongoing strategy to create highly secure DCB subscriptions on our Connex platform in Libya that are both highly protective and particularly user-friendly,” said Muaad El Ghdamsi, Chairman of Ebtekar. “Evina is the leader in DCB cybersecurity in North Africa and our partnership is a confidence builder for our merchant and operator partners, demonstrating our unique commitment to security.”

David Lotfi, CEO of Evina, added, “We are very honored to partner with Ebtekar, a leading and innovative player in the Libyan DCB landscape. They have a deep understanding of DCB and its potential and a real vision of what carrier billing can achieve in Libya once fully secured.”

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