Basebone Enhances User Trust and Protection with Evina’s DCB Cybersecurity Expertise

Basebone, a leading provider of mobile digital content, joins hands with Evina to shield mobile consumers from carrier billing fraud and foster trusted partnerships.

The mobile content provider has implemented Evina cybersecurity solutions to protect its vast user base in South Africa. Hacking and manipulation fraud are actively being fought with two effective solutions: DCBprotect that blocks hacking attempts on carrier billing in-real time, and BrandProtect, Evnia’s ad monitoring and compliance solution designed to verify ad compliance 24/7 across the web and apps with the help of AI.

By integrating Evina’s advanced cybersecurity solutions, Basebone underscores its commitment to user protection, fortifying its services against fraudulent activities and positioning the company as a trusted partner among mobile operators and payment aggregators.

“Protecting consumers and building their trust in carrier billing is a direct path to market growth and sustainability,” said Benito Alvarez, CEO at Basebone. Our collaboration with Evina is the key to ensuring our cybersecurity is bulletproof, which in turn allows us to drive user acquisition in a consistent and robust manner.”

David Lotfi, CEO at Evina commented “We are thrilled to collaborate with Basebone, a dedicated company deeply committed to user protection — an ethos that resonates strongly with our own core values. By partnering with Basebone, we are taking an important step towards ensuring a consistently safe and secure content purchasing experience for users in South Africa.”

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