How a native in-app cybersecurity solution for DCB transactions revamped the in-app user experience

A client request, a team of experts, and a set goal led to the creation of the first native in-app cybersecurity solution for DCB transactions. David Lotfi, CEO at Evina interviewed Jamil Gaith, CEO at Mobile Arts, leading technology provider, to recount how a specific request to improve the in-app user experience was conceived and developed and the resulting benefits.

David Lotfi: Evina and Mobile Arts have been working together since 2021. Mobile Arts implemented Evina’s flagship cybersecurity solution, DCBprotect, to detect and block all fraud attempts on DCB transactions and secure Mobile Arts’ Mobibox platform in over 30 countries where it operates. Can you elaborate on your motivation and need to develop a new solution specifically dedicated to in-app?

Jamil Gaith: DCBprotect was giving us great results. It improved our brand image, got us 12 new partners thanks to reinforced partner trust and helped us expand our carrier billing business. Still, we noticed plenty of room for improvement by switching from webview to a fully native app customer experience. With DCBprotect, the protection required to show a page, so a small redirection within the app to acquire the user, and we needed this process to be frictionless while maintaining the best security level.

David Lotfi: This request brought the DCB experts at Evina and Mobile Arts to set up a clear timeline to develop an in-app native version of DCBprotect. This meant creating a cybersecurity version of the solution powered by the same cutting-edge technology as DCBprotect, but integrated into a native SDK. In just 5 months, DCBprotect in-app was developed and brought to full use. How do you feel DCBprotect in-app has already started to benefit the development of the Mobibox platform? 

Jamil Gaith: The first visible significant benefit is the stellar user experience delivered to Mobibox subscribers with the cybersecurity technology integrated into the SDK solution while maintaining the same high levels of security against fraud attempts on DCB transactions. MobiBox SDK is now offered to all kinds of mobile content merchants.    

Evina created the first and only cybersecurity solution for DCB transactions in-app native on the market, out of a client request.  This shows how Evina is on top of technology and client service, so much so as to adapt its technology to the specific needs of Mobile Arts in record time. DCBprotect in-app has allowed us to keep our business as safe as possible without compromising user experience and our business goals.”

David Lotfi: We’re thrilled with the results and can’t wait to see how our strategic partnership will continue to protect your patterns in the best way possible. What we have found very interesting during the development process of In-App Protect, is the large number of DCB transactions that happen inside apps and the information we can capture to create an even more secure experience. Detecting these transactions requires highly technical expertise, which is exactly why Evina has developed this first solution for in-app detection. Today DCBprotect in-app is supported by both Android and iOS apps.

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