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Content Manager

· Full Time

Within 12 months establishing Evina awareness as a key player and a leading source of information and knowledge about the industry of mobile fraud by creating and publishing engaging and high-quality content.

Giving a clear, consistent and positive view of Evina identity, expertise and services to all the top professionals in all priority markets.



Business goals

  • Improve the number of followers on LinkedIn to 3000
  • Improve the number of followers on Twitter to 3000
  • Improve the number of subscribers of the newsletter to 2000
  • Increase brand awareness and appreciation among the top 500 people in the industry of mobile fraud and monetization


  • Helping Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Leadership to assess their needs for online and offline presence and communication
  • Brainstorming with team members to develop new ideas and create promotional concepts and contents
  • Following market news and trends to find key subjects of communication


  • Helping Marketing to formulate and update its cross-platform content strategy
  • Developing an editorial calendar and ensuring team members are on board
  • Maintaining and adhering to the editorial calendar
  • Using information, such as metrics and statistics about the target customers’ demographics and preferences to improve content strategy
  • Staying up to date on industry best practices and adjust the content strategy as necessary


  • Providing editorial, creative and technical support to team members
  • Interpreting copywriting briefs to understand project requirements
  • Writing, editing and proofreading attractive and engaging content with a distinct voice
  • Collaborating with graphists, PR and other professionals on content production
  • Conducting high-quality research and interviews
  • Serving as editor-in-chief for all content to ensure quality, clarity and consistency
  • Optimizing content according to SEO
  • Ensuring compliance with law (e.g. copyright, privacy and data protection)


  • Managing the diffusion and adapting content across all platforms. (On owned, paid and earned channels)
  • Building a following on owned channels.


  • Monitoring and analyzing social media, newsletters and web metrics, to ascertain content engagement levels and making improvements accordingly
  • Ensuring brand consistency across all content and channels
  • Ensuring that customers and prospects have a positive view of the company and its services

Type of content

  • Newsletters
  • Press realeases
  • Blog posts
  • Business cases
  • Long form interviews
  • Posts on social medias (telegram, twitter, linkedin)
  • Media kit
  • Material for commercial fairs
  • New product documentation
  • Etc.


Required job skills

  • Writing high quality, effective, engaging, and creative content for specific and professional audiences
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Creativity
  • Native-level English
  • Anti fraud market knowledge
  • Mobile monetization market knowledge
  • Reader obsession
  • Understanding of both technical and market stakes
  • Strong and straightforward communication skills
  • Knowledge of industry best practices in content production and diffusion
  • Mastery of both qualitative feedback and quantitative metrics


Required values

  • Excellence: I am constantly striving for excellence for myself and my company. 
  • Caring: I sincerely care about the well-being of my partners (colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers).
  • Reader orientation: The quality of content I provide to my readers comes before the efficiency of the production process or my personal comfort…
  • Reliability: We say what we do, we do what we say.
  • Conscientiousness: We go to the bottom of the subjects with vigilance.
  • Bold: Acting with strength, determination and responsiveness when a necessary action is identified.



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