Evina DCB 360

Block Fraud on Carrier Billing

Evina DCB 360 unlocks and boosts DCB growth to make it a world-class payment method by protecting businesses from hacking and manipulation of end users and by allowing Telcos, merchants and aggregators to pilot their DCB businesses the right way.

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DCBProtect: protects DCB payment flows from hacking.


BrandProtect: blocks manipulation fraud on DCB payment flows.


Eyewitness: analytical tool to record and replay the customer journey.


ComplianceProtect: detects manipulation on partners’ flows.


ComplaintPredict: Advanced analytical and prediction tool to control customer complaints

Benefit from  the synergies offered by the only complete DCB protection solution

Ensure fraud-free traffic

DCBProtect, BrandProtect and ComplianceProtect work together to ensure that traffic is clear of fraud and of violation of purchase conscience.

  • DCBProtect: Blocks all fraudulent DCB transactions from the ad to the confirmation page without impeding conversions with an extreme accuracy (99.94% fraud attempts detected, 0.06% false positive rate) without decreasing page performance (latency <100ms).
  • BrandProtect: Scans all flows from the ad banner to the payment confirmation page to detect non-compliant ones.
  • ComplianceProtect: Scan the partners’ payment pages in real-time to instantly block non-compliant flows.

Manage business effectively

Eyewitness and ComplaintPredict provide acute insight to understand and manage proactively the DCB activities  

  • Eyewitness: Replays the entire customer journey to understand exactly what happened on the flow 
  • ComplaintPredict: Provides full visibility into the future level of DCB complaints by identifying the sources of complaints and acting on them efficiently.

    You can possess the complete solution,
    to control and grow your business

    Our solution allows our customers to build a sustainable and profitable DCB business

    • By attracting premium merchants as they are building their network of trusted MNOs now.
    • By restoring their own customers’ and regulators’ trust: The more our customer waits, the more their reputation is at risk.
    • Capitalizing on carrier billing before other payment methods emerge

    Evina’s activities around the world have enabled it to reach, an unparalleled critical mass   

    1.5Bn+/year blocked fraud

    20M+/day transactions protected

    “Introducing DCBprotect as a solution is a testament to our efforts to stay ahead of fraudsters and create a fraud free digital environment. We believe that early detection and blocking of any form of criminality on our network is in the interest of our customers and ultimately the Vodacom brand.”

    The most advanced cybersecurity technology

    Evina’s implementation process is quick, adapted to our customers’ needs and allows them to be in control: we provide a tailor-made workshop to estimate their future ROI.

    Cutting-edge technology: Machine learning fed from millions of transactions analyzed everyday together with Cyber Threat Intelligence from all sources, including the dark web, provides you with the most advanced and effective cybersecurity.

    Easy implementation : Once our customer decides to install our solution, it takes less than 5 days, with a 2-week turnaround on average, requiring no technical resources on their end.

    Support and guidance: Evina provides constant support and guidance to ensure smooth and full integration of your merchants.

    Free audit: Our experts provide a custom recommendation based on our customer’s KPIs and estimate your future ROI with Evina’s solution during a dedicated workshop.

    conversion rate
    complaint management costs

    All types of fraud detected, even the newest and most sophisticated

    Remotly controlled fraud
    A malware takes control of a device to make fraudulent payments.
    The user is tricked into clicking on a hidden payment button, that is disguised as a different button to the eyes of the user.
    The theft of the network/SIM identity of users to make a payment on their behalf.
    Code injection
    Malicious code is injected through a browser flaw to make an unauthorized automatic payment, that is billed to the user.
    Malicious app
    A mobile application that secretly contains malware, programmed to go through all the steps of the flow in place of the final user to make payments without asking for the user’s consent.
    Short circuits process flow to make payments without clicks.
    Replay attack
    Transmissions are intercepted and repeated maliciously to make payments.
    Manipulation fraud
    The user has made a transaction without being aware of its final purpose or its illegal nature.

    Easy integration on all kinds of payment flows

    • Protection of your payment page.
    • Protection of the page you host that leads to the payment page.
    • Protection of redirections.
    • Protection of pages hosted by your partners.

    A fully GDPR compliant solution

    • DCBprotect does not store any personal data.
    • DCBprotect is not considered a data controller or a data processor.
    • Data used, processed and stored during all flows are the minimum required to ensure the service functioning.

    Monitor and analyze your traffic, on personalized dashboards

    • In real-time
    • Dedicated personal access
    • Training session
    • Downloadable and shareable data
    • Fully customizable data
    • Customized alerts

    Developers we’ve thought of you too!

    • Fastest deployment
    • Works with any infrastructure
    • Dedicated engineer support
    • Personalized onboarding
    package main
    Import (
    func main() {
    url := "http://api.dcbprotect.com/username/script?adc=0&so=false&cjv=false"
    req, _ := http.NewRequest("GET", url, nil)
    req.Header.Add("Accept", "application/json")
    res, _ := http.DefaultClient.Do(req)
    defer res.Body.Close()
    body, _ := ioutil.ReadAll(res.Body)
    fmt.Println(res) fmt.Println(string(body))

    Ready to decrease fraud and increase revenue?
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    Ready to decrease fraud and increase revenue? Request a demo with one of our team members

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