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The Paris-based global anti-fraud firm Evina has scooped the Best Fraud Solution accolade at the Global Carrier Billing Summit 2020. Evina won plaudits for its decade-long struggle against the digital fraudsters who make life impossible for cellular users around the globe.

Originally scheduled for Berlin, Germany, the Global Carrier Billing Summit 2020 is taking place this week as a virtual event. It remains the only world networking platform dedicated to direct carrier billing and it brings together mobile carriers, service aggregators, digital merchants, content providers, regulators and technology providers from all over the globe.

Virtually accepting the award, Evina CEO David Lotfi said: “Fraudsters are everywhere but this award acknowledges that the expertise and tools exist to beat them and to do so in a way that opens up further revenue opportunities.”

Evina today secures over twelve million daily transactions across 60 world markets. It provides MNOs, merchants, ad networks and payment gateways worldwide with the most advanced cybersecurity solutions for mobile payments and advertising.

Mr Lotfi added that it was interesting to note that 3 other winners (out of 5) in other categories are either Evina clients or partners. They include Play (Best Operator), Digital Virgo (Best Aggregator) and PMConnect (Best Merchant).

“The other winners at this year’s Global Carrier Billing Summit are all steered by leaders who refuse to accept the industry-damaging spectre of rampant mobile fraud. As partners in building a new mobile ecosystem, we’ve committed ourselves to the vision of an intelligence-based payments sector where fraud is expertly-managed and never simply tolerated,” Mr Lotfi said.

Evina has dedicated more than 15 years to developing advanced cybersecurity technology with the most comprehensive fraud sensors, richest data captured through a dedicated global mobile honeypot network in more than 70 countries and the best decision-making through machine learning and cyber threat intelligence led by cybersecurity research engineers.

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