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Malware Analyst

· Full Time

Within 6 months, three significant topics must be validated. First of all, to be able to reverse any malware in order to analyse it and find malicious source code on it. Then, to be able to propose best improvements fighting against identified malware. Finally, do an ongoing researches to find and analyse new malware or fraudulent source code in order to bring Evina on the top 1% of cybersecurity companies.


  • On our anti fraud solutions:
    • More than 99,9% of fraud blocked
    • Less than 0,1% of false positive
    • Contribute to maintain transactions latency under 100ms
  • Contribute up to 50% to create new metrics and new protections
  • Rise significantly (+50%) our output in R&D
  • To be able to write technical analyse after a Malware reverse engineering
  • For each project / Features involving our anti-fraud solution, contribute with the team to the conception and provide security requirements
  • Apply Git Flow best practices
  • Respect and apply Agile Scrum methodology
  • Each development must be reviewed
  • Each development must included automated tests (unitary tests + Business tests)

Specific skills for the role

Must have a strong expertise or proven acknowledgement in:

  • Mobile application : Android, iOS, etc..
  • Malware industry
  • Perfect expertise in OWASP requirements
  • Creativity to imagine improvements on our anti-fraud solutions or to create new ones.
  • Back End languages : PHP 7, Javascript (Node.js)
  • Front End languages : Javascript (AngularJS, Ext.js, Jquery), HTML, CSS, navigateurs
  • Versioning tools : Git (Git flow) / Bitbucket
  • Databases : MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, DynamoDB
  • API type : REST / SOAP
  • Cache solutions : Redis / Memcached
  • TDD : PHPSpec, PHPUnit
  • Jenkins
  • Xdebug or similar (Debugging tools)
  • API Gateway Pattern
  • Development methodology : Agile Scrum


Nice to have relevant expertise or acknowledgement:

  • Docker
  • SOLID principles
  • Queue Message : RabbitMQ or Kafka or AWS SQS or Redis
  • Behavior Driven Development : Behat or similar
  • Domain Driven Design (Tactical and Strategic Design Patterns)
  • Search Engine (ElasticSearch)
  • Micro-services applicative architecture

Required values

  • Excellence: I am constantly striving for excellence for myself and my company.
  • Caring: I sincerely care about the well-being of my partners (colleagues, suppliers and customers).
  • Customer orientation : The quality of service I provide to my customers comes before the elegance of the code or my personal comfort…
  • Reliability: We say what we do, we do what we say.
  • Conscientiousness: We go to the bottom of the subjects with vigilance.
  • Bold: Acting with strength, determination and responsiveness when a necessary action is identified.
  • Humbleness : I know what I am capable of or not in order to ask help or training to move fast for the good of the company.
  • Honestly: I know when I make a error and I can assume it

Cybersecurity requires talent! Introduce yourself and join us to protect the digital world!