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Bruno Mathis is bringing his substantial 13 years’ experience in the mobile payment market to bear for the benefit of Evina’s clients. Almost all of his working life has been dedicated to the eradication of pain points by taking the time to better understand customer needs and then communicate them to product innovation. Following impressive tenures at Netsize and Hipay, Evina is now excited to introduce our valued clients to our new Head of Product.

First of all, Evina just launched its new product Eyewitness. Could you tell us more?

Evina’s Eyewitness is the first solution in the world able to record data-enriched videos of what users actually see and do on the payment page. It saves time and money in complaints management and helps all players to maintain trustful and transparent relationships.

Eyewitness will soon emerge as one of the key assets available to digital content providers, mobile network operators and aggregators in the fight against fraud.

It is able to fully support these firms during service compliancy and end user complaints by recording the end user flow from advertising banner to payment confirmation page.

No possible modifications or fake data can be inserted meaning transparency is the key word. This will help merchants and operators build partnerships characterised by trust.

The second positive aspect of the new product is its proactive nature. Eyewitness will be the first independent observer of all new fraud cases.

By detecting them as soon as possible, Eyewitness will be the natural extension of the flagship Evina cybersecurity solution: DCBprotect.

After spending many years working in the mobile payment (Netsize and Hipay) market including within the DCB, wallet, bank card, and wireless payment sectors, what are your insights regarding the use of mobile methods and DCB?

First and foremost, the market moves very fast. Just yesterday, it seemed as if we were all focused on ways to market and receive payment for such basic mobile value-added services as logos and ringtones. Today, mobile technology has accelerated to the point where high-tech streaming, gaming and services like Netflix and Spotify are the new foundation stones of the market. As such, these pillars of mobile innovation are expected to be fast, frictionless and secure.

When it comes to DCB, merchants of digital value-added services use this payment technology because it is simple, fast and the association with established carriers adds that necessary credibility important to end users.

The advantages of DCB notwithstanding, users today demand access to a variety of payment methods that take into account where they live, and the technology used. Payment flows in 2020 must be adapted to the context and preferences of users.

In the final analysis, mobile has transformed into both a communication channel and a payment platform. The challenge now is to make this payment functionality native to the phone in a way that enables fast and frictionless secure transacting.

You have been working on the payment component of mobile with big worldwide manufacturers such as Nokia. What are the different approaches in terms of payment flows?

Evina customers will benefit from the fact that I have extensive experience working on the app store of such a leading player. In both the US and India, the content and payment component were different for each country but there was the common credit card payment element which was soon overtaken by mobile wallets and the DCB payment platform with all of the advantages it offers over traditional forms of payment. The challenge was to design the best payment flow for each country’s specific economic conditions. For example, India has a large unbanked population that makes prepaid cards and mobile money solutions especially popular. In the US, credit cards predominate, as one would expect.

When it comes to DCB, I worked with numerous telecoms operators such as Orange, SFR, Bouygues, AT&T, Free, Virgin Mobile, Claro Colombia and others. Here we had to adapt the flow for each type of operator, according to the flow supported by the user. With regards to Nokia, we made it possible for payments to made in just one click in CB or DCB, with a common ID.

Was fraud an issue at the product level?

Fraud is inevitable, especially in the gaming industry. Unfortunately, the first instinct is to change payment flows and make them more complex in an effort to beat fraudsters. This is a knee-jerk reaction that simply serves to reduce conversion rates.

With a credible and upfront anti-fraud provider like Evina, you get to keep the frictionless payment functionality while securing transactions in the most effective way. Moreover, the content will be delivered to the right person which enhances your chances of keeping customers in the long run. The flexibility and the smoothness of flow are very important in the consumer journey. Today, cybersecurity is a key element when it comes to optimizing the end-user experience.

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